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Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is committed to helping businesses grow and connect with their customers.  We believe that in order for communication to be effective, it needs to be relevant and keep up with the ever changing technology and lifestyle of today’s consumers.  Effective communication requires responsiveness, and to achieve this, one must first offer options for communication through the client’s preferred method of communicating.  Secondly, consumers have to opt-in to communicate through the channels they prefer, which gives them the choice over how they receive and respond to information.


ViaTexts was founded in 2011 and has received numerous honors.  Including being chosen as one of the Top Global Mobile Marketers in 2015, and Breakout Mobile Company of the Year.  

The Team

ViaTexts has grown from a small startup based in San Antonio, Texas into office into an international company with offices in two countries, with employees working around the clock 24/7.  The ViaTexts  team consists of passionate, hardworking, and dynamic individuals who take on challenges and turn them into victorious results.

Our Commitment 

We will consistently bring forward thinking ideas and marketing automation tools while offering one-on-one support for our customers.
Our dedication to industry leadership, customer satisfaction, and a happy workplace is what moves us forward.