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Local business owners use ViaTexts’ SMS Text Message Marketing service because it is one of the leading platforms in the #1 ROI advertising medium in the world.   Bulk SMS text messaging allows immediate contact with unlimited clients and prospects via their mobile device.  Promotions, offers, important announcements, etc. 

All types of business benefit.  You will easily sell this service to restaurants, delis, pizza shops, bars, retail stores, salons, service industries, professionals, schools, churches and more!

This can be a very lucrative career opportunity for proven professionals.  Independent Outside Contractors earn immediate commissions and build large Lifetime Residual Income!  


  • Customize your schedule!
  • Make Commission and Residuals on every sale!
  • Never worry about client setup or servicing after the sale!
  • Realistically earn over $100k per year!

ViaTexts has extremely low attrition = You Earn Maximum Residuals!

The fact that our clients achieve such an outstanding ROI (return on investment) makes them want to never stop using Text Message Advertising.   You customize your schedule and marketing offerings and pricing, based on our basic minimums.  You decide which plan fits the customer best, and you decide the pricing.  All additional pricing above our basic minimums are yours. It’s all your choice.

The Power of Mobile Text Messaging

ViaTexts lets you take advantage of the text messaging revolution by helping your customers reach their audience wherever, whenever, literally Anytime, Any Place.  Mobile text is immediate and as an SMS reseller, your customers will use ViaTexts to engage their audience sending promos or announcements, using keywords, 2-way texting, tracking landing page click throughs, QR codes, voting, reminders, Yes/No response, and more. There are currently well over 300 million mobile phone users in the USA and over 4 billion world wide.  You have the opportunity to sell nationwide and even worldwide to over 200 countries!  Text Messaging has moved beyond a global phenomenon and become the single largest communication platform in the entire world!


In today’s information saturated world, impersonal and non-targeted messages are likely to be sent to the trash or worse, considered quasi-spam.  That’s why it’s essential to offer ViaTexts! Our clients personalize messages and then they are relevant. Our sophisticated targeting tools allow our clients to protect their brand image and increase ROI.   A few of the unlimited uses would be; 

  • Business’ can send one message to thousands and individualize the message using first names, or account numbers, nicknames, etc! 
  • A retail store may send a special offer limited to  those who’ve clicked on an iPhone announcement!
  • A spa can fill up slow week by sending a VIP deal to those who have visited more than three times within the past six months, automatically!
  • An HVAC business may send out automatic reminders for service check ups, automatically!

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ViaTexts has built its reputation for the last 5 years and is trusted by 1000’s of business owners all over the world.  With the security of our 1-on-1 training and 365-day live support, you can trust that we always have your back.  Now it is your turn to join our program and jump on the Mobile Marketing bandwagon!  Call us at (800) 211-2078 or learn more by clicking HERE.